The geography of the area is south of the golf of Rosas on the costa brava and close to the mountain of Montgri.

It is of great photographic interest. the sea and the mountains meet in natural beauty and it is perfect for lots of different sports.


The history of the village of l’Escala is more recent.

In the 15th and 16th century it was first a port and later it became an important fishing area. In the present time it still remains an important village for tourists who visit the Costa Brava.

The traditional fishing industry of anchovies and its working factories are still in the village today.


The history of l’Escala is impossible to explain without the explanation of Empúries.

In the VI century the romans and greeks resided in Empúries on the Iberian peninsular. Now you can visit this historical site of great importantance with the archeological museum and the actual ruins where the romans and greeks lived.

The original sculpture of the medical greek God can be found in the museum.